Top Six Ways of Reducing Small Business Insurance Premiums

Here are the top six ways to reduce your premium while still ensuring quality coverage. 1. Thorough Background Checks on Workers The key to lowering premiums is to reduce the number of liability claims against your business. One of the steps to limit claims is to do a thorough background check before hiring employees because workers with past criminal records

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Who Qualifies for a Business Owners’ Insurance Policy?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have the right to purchase insurance to protect their investment and keep their livelihood on track. All types of businesses have some degree of liability. Many have a large number of assets and employees to consider, as well. Having a business owner’s insurance policy is the best way to prevent financial loss that would

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5 Hidden Costs of Renting an Apartment

If you are moving into a new apartment in another city or state, you would be worried about the utility bills, moving expenses, and, more importantly, the rent. When it comes to apartment renting, hidden costs often land tenants in trouble. Here is what you should know. 1. Renters Insurance Your landlord’s insurance does not cover every accident or incident

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All You Need to Know About Freelancer Commercial Insurance

Freelancing is becoming increasingly common across the United States—about 35% of the American workforce belongs to freelancers. A full-time freelancer is, in effect, a small business owner and susceptible to the same risks as any enterprise would be. So, a freelancer also needs business insurance. Why Do Freelancers Need Insurance? You can get commercial insurance to protect yourself in the

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How to Secure Your Business During the COVID- 19 Outbreak

The spread of COVID- 19 has forced many businesses to temporarily shut down or have their employees work from home. Such prevention measures are unavoidable to make sure everyone is safe. However, most people are concerned about the safety of their businesses. Here are some crime prevention tips for businesses during the COVID- 19 outbreak: Alarms and Security Cameras Installing

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