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What Caused My Car Insurance Rates to Change?

Year after year, auto insurance policy premiums seem to always be going up. You may not be doing anything different, but you are still affected. There are certain situations in which changes in your personal life may cause your rates to fluctuate. Understanding how these changes affect your insurance will explain a lot when you take a moment to go

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Three Statistical Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

Insurance companies use many factors to determine the premium rate specific to each client. Persons with expensive possessions, cars, or businesses may be charged higher than others. Insurance providers also consider statistics to set prices; that is, they study facts and figures and use them to determine their rates. Here are some of the car insurance industry statistics that are

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Tips for Parents to Reduce Car Insurance Rates

It is both scary and exciting when you hand over the car keys to your child for the first time. For your teen, beginning to drive means stepping towards independence and freedom. However, it also adds immense responsibility. For the parent, it is a surge of anxiety over safety and the added cost of insuring their young new driver. But

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