12 Ways to Attract Lower Premiums for Your Boat Insurance

Boats are a serious investment, and any damages can be very costly to repair or replace. Insurance companies use various factors to determine your insurance rate, so it is best to employ the best methods to reduce your risks, thus lowering your rates. Factors like navigation area, storage location, ownership experience, claim history, and driving record can help determine your

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All You Need to Know about Loss Assessment Coverage for Condos

Loss assessment is a form of insurance coverage for condo owners. It offers protection in cases where you are the owner of a shared property, and are held responsible for part of the deductibles or costs for damages to the building, shared areas of the property, and injuries that occur in shared areas of the property. The amount to be

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Six Helpful Facts on Long Term Care Insurance to Help You Plan for Retirement

The older you get, the more likely it becomes that you may need long-term care. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, approximately seven out of 10 people turning 65 will need long-term care over their lifetime. This makes it necessary to include long-term care insurance when planning for retirement. Long-term care costs can quickly use up one’s

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ATV Insurance: A Complete Guide

Driving off-road vehicles can be a great form of recreation. These special vehicles can also be useful for certain types of jobs like checking cattle on a farm. Operating an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), whether for business or pleasure, may require an ATV insurance policy, depending on your state’s requirements. In many places, it’s not required by law. Here’s a deeper

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All You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has workers’ compensation benefits. In the event that you’re sick or injured while working, you can expect to receive paid medical treatments and reimbursement of part or all of your wages/salary during the period of your disability. You’d have to file a claim to enjoy compensation/benefits. Can You Get Workers’ Comp Benefits in Massachusetts for COVID-19? Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation

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A Complete Motorcycle Insurance Guide

Like your automobiles, your two-wheelers are precious adventure tools that you don’t want to see grounded or ruined. Also, considering the risks associated with riding your bike and accident-related fatality, you need insurance coverage that will protect you and your motorcycle. Here’s a complete beginner’s guide to two-wheeler insurance that will help you avoid major financial pitfalls. Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

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Things to Consider before Buying Insurance for a Snowmobile

Available Discounts Snowmobile insurance plans often include discounts for customers to pay subsidized prices with equal benefits. Here are some of the common snowmobile discounts: a) The multi-policy discount – Customers enjoy discounted rates for buying coverage for two or more snowmobiles. b) Easy-pay plan – Also called autopay, clients can set up scheduled installment payments by allowing the carrier

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