What Are the Items Covered By Valuable Personal Property Insurance?

What Are the Items Covered By Valuable Personal Property Insurance

Valuable personal property insurance is purchased to cover special items that may be valued differently than other items you own. Items that are valued significantly higher due to their age or uniqueness may require a special policy that will provide additional coverage if they are lost, damaged, or stolen. It’s important to know what type of damage is covered for each type of item.


Jewelry that is made from precious metals and gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are worth much more than basic costume jewelry. While cheaper jewelry can still be insured, the pieces may not be valuable enough for their own policy. Expensive jewelry like diamond wedding rings should always be appraised before an insurance policy is purchased. Heirloom jewelry pieces may hold value simply due to their age, but an appraisal to determine their value is recommended.


Antiques are items that hold significant value due to their age or the fact that they cannot be easily replaced. Antique and vintage style furniture, clothing, vehicles, and other household items can be quite costly to buy. While many old items have sentimental value, that doesn’t necessarily mean they hold monetary value that would require an additional insurance policy. If you are unsure of how valuable a particular antique or vintage item is, you may want to talk to an antique dealer to determine item’s real value.


Artwork can include pen or ink drawings, sculptures, paintings, pastels, and any other type of work that holds substantial value. Pieces of art that were created by well-known artists are usually much more valuable than items made by an unknown artisan. Before you purchase personal property insurance for pieces of art, you should have your artwork appraised by a reputable art dealer who specializes in the type of piece you own. You should discuss your options with your insurance agent.

Musical Instruments

Quality musical instruments, whether they are antique or not, can be extremely valuable. Antiques can hold additional value, especially if they are still able to be used for their original purpose. Protecting these items may require the use of a case or storage in a temperature-controlled environment. If the instruments are used as part of your livelihood, make sure they are insured for their full value. Any time you buy another instrument, make sure to call your insurance agent immediately.

Insuring your most valuable possessions is essential if you want to protect yourself from financial loss. Purchasing personal property insurance coverage is not something you should take lightly. Contact James Page Insurance if you have any questions about insuring your valuable items. We have the answers you are looking for and will assist you in finding the right coverage.