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Things to Consider before Buying Insurance for a Snowmobile

Available Discounts

Snowmobile insurance plans often include discounts for customers to pay subsidized prices with equal benefits. Here are some of the common snowmobile discounts:

a) The multi-policy discount – Customers enjoy discounted rates for buying coverage for two or more snowmobiles.

b) Easy-pay plan – Also called autopay, clients can set up scheduled installment payments by allowing the carrier to make automatic withdrawals from their bank         accounts. Choosing this payment option can result in a discount.

c) The full-pay discount – Clients enjoy this type of discount for purchasing insurance and paying the policy’s full cost upfront.

d) Safety course discount – Customers can register to take a safety course to improve their skills and benefit their wallets.

e) Homeownership discount – There is no doubt that owning a home has its many benefits, one of which is a discounted premium for snowmobile insurance.

Payment plans

When looking at different snowmobile insurance providers, one thing to consider is the type of payment plans that are offered. It is best to have multiple payment options to choose from, whether to pay in full or in installments.

Physical damage to your snowmobile

If you are involved in an accident it’s important that you have coverage to repair your snowmobile.  Liability coverage is also important (see below).

Liability coverage

You may face legal charges if you cause bodily harm to someone or damage another person’s property. To help protect against these charges make sure you purchase an adequate amount for liability insurance.

 Equipment and safety apparel coverage

Many snowmobiles offer customization options. It is advisable to ensure that any optional equipment is covered under your insurance. Optional equipment may be included under comprehensive coverage and may extend to cover damage to safety apparel also. Safety apparel consists of the gloves, masks, suits, boots, and other clothing items needed for snowmobiling.

While most insurance agents include coverage for damages done to safety apparel, theft coverage is often excluded. Check with your agent to see if theft is included in the policy or if it is an optional coverage that you can add.

Deductibles and limits

It is important to note that, like all coverage plans, snowmobile insurance also has its limits, which is the maximum insurance amount that can be paid when damages happen. Some providers may also require clients to pay a deductible, which is the amount you need to pay for damages and repairs before your carrier begins to pay for coverage. Be sure to go over the policy to understand both numbers so you can ensure you have the coverage you want with the deductible that you are willing to pay.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is an all-encompassing type of insurance that includes provisions for optional equipment and damages done to the snowmobile other than an accident, for example, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

To get the right coverage for your snowmobile, contact the experts at James Page Insurance today. We are ready to assist with all your insurance needs.