How to Secure Your Business During the COVID- 19 Outbreak

How to Secure Your Business During the COVID- 19 Outbreak

The spread of COVID- 19 has forced many businesses to temporarily shut down or have their employees work from home. Such prevention measures are unavoidable to make sure everyone is safe. However, most people are concerned about the safety of their businesses.

Here are some crime prevention tips for businesses during the COVID- 19 outbreak:

Alarms and Security Cameras

Installing an alarm monitoring system makes your workplace more secure. Make sure your alarms function well, and the emergency contact list is updated.

Security cameras play a vital role in the overall security of your workplace. Install a surveillance camera that can be accessed remotely and records the activities of a particular area.

Lighting and Business Sign

Make sure both exterior and interior lights are switched on, especially around the premises. Don’t forget to replace the faulty bulbs with the new ones.

A handy small business crime prevention tip is displaying signboards outside your company. For example, you can use “24 hour surveillance” or “No cash on-premise” signs.

Secure Costly Items

Store your valuable and expensive items safely. Take them home or keep them away from access. You can close the windows to keep all your essential objects out of sight and safe.

Get Ideas from Near-by Businesses

Don’t keep rocks or any other heavy objects near the premises that intruders can use to break windows. Also, talk to your neighboring businesses to learn how they are protecting their costly items and ensuring their business security. You can get some ideas from them or help them with your own ideas.

These are some of the crime prevention tips that you can follow for your business. Apart from following these tips, buying commercial insurance can be an added advantage to secure your business. To learn more about business insurance, contact the experts at James Page Insurance today.