How to Downsize Your Belongings and Simplify Your Life

You may take a look around your home to realize that half the things you’ve accumulated over the years are of no use to you now. These things occupy valuable space that can be used for newer, better items. Also, maintaining these objects is likely to consume a lot of your time.

5 Effective Tips To Downsize Your Belongings and Simplify Your Life:

Follow the 80-20 Rule

The famous Pareto 80/20 rule applies to all walks of life—even your stuff. According to the principle, you technically only use 20% of your possessions 80% of the time. So while downsizing your belongings, remember to keep the things that you often use and get rid of the rest.

Start Small

You don’t have to hold off on the decluttering process until the weekend. Allot half an hour of your time daily and start from small corners such as a drawer or a cupboard. This way, you won’t be overwhelmed, and the progress will keep you motivated.

Organize the Process

For an effective process, try adopting New York Times best-selling author Josh Becker’s four-box method: trash, give away, keep, or relocate. Once you pick an item, make a firm decision as to which of the above category it belongs to. Delaying your decision will only waste your time and increase your work.

Go Paperless

Stop all future paper items from entering your home by transferring everything online. Going paperless with bank statements and bills will save you more space than you’ve imagined.

Only Keep What You Love

Downsizing experts advise you not to hold on to ordinary items and keep what you truly love. It’s okay to be emotionally attached to some of your belongings, but keep in mind that they are only material possessions and not a part of you.

Remember, if you want to simplify your life, less is more. If you are looking to get the right coverage for your belongings, contact the experts at James Page Insurance today. We are happy to answer any insurance-related questions.

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